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Make the final couple of months of the year count

written by Darren Hagarty

Recently I was at home on a weekend. It was late afternoon, I was on the back deck, drenched by a vanilla twilight. The radio was playing and I was relaxed. Then all that changed. An advertisement played telling me how many weeks there were until Christmas. The reality hit home that another calendar year was winding down. I start to reflect on the goals I had set for the year and the projects I wanted to complete. I thought about how many weeks I had left in the year to make these things happen. I quickly realised I wouldn’t get them all done. It would have been easy to become dis-spirited.

If you have some unfinished, or even unstarted, projects in your business, then let me share some simple advice that works well for me. The trick at this stage of the year is to identify the unfinished projects which, realistically, are capable of being completed by the end of the year. Aim to do these first. Cross them off the list. You’ll feel better for it and have a sense of accomplishment. Once you’ve done these tasks, if time permits, you can scratch the surface of the projects that you won’t get finished. But be realistic and recognise that some of these larger projects will, by necessity, spill into next year. Once you have made peace with that reality, you will feel a burden being lifted.

Make these last couple of months of the year count!

Darren Hagarty is a Director of PT Partners.

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