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New Year’s Resolutions

written by Darren Hagarty

As 2014 beckons and our minds turn to New Year’s Resolutions, here are a few ideas to assist you to shape your own:

  1. Friends and family …. In a world that has become increasingly virtual, don’t lose sight of the importance of connecting with friends and family in person.
  2. Self … Forget about being someone else – just be yourself. When you have the courage to just be who you are, without apology or pretence, so much of the suffering, stress and worry in life simply disappears.
  3. Career/Business …. Treat every workday like a school day, and always be on the lookout to learn something new, however small. It all adds up. Knowledge is power.
  4. Life … Life is so fast paced – make sure you take some time to smell the roses.
  5. Fun … Eat a food you haven’t had since you were a child. You might re-discover something great.

Darren Hagarty is a Director of PT Partners.


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